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Panchagavya Nasal Drops ( 12ml )


Qauntity : 12 ml Contents: Desi cow ghee, cow milk, curd, gomutra, gamoya Benefits:   It increases grasping & memory power of brain.  It increases concentration and mental strength.  It improves vision, smelling & hearing sense.   It cures chronic  rhinitis  &  sinusitis.It protects from dust..


Pushkarni Herbal Water Purifier & Enricher ( 60 gm )


Qauntity : 60 gm Ingredients: Desi Cow dung ash, Alum, VETIVERIA ZIZANIOIDES, Cyperus rotundus Benefits: Enrich water with Natural Minerals It increases pranic [oxygen] value of water. It naturally purify & clean water. It removes all harmful things in water.      How  to use – add a small pinch in a liter water...

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