Herbal Dish wash powder [Chemical free - 400 gm]
by Go-Siddhi
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    Category: Desi Cow Products

    • Quantity: 400 gm
    • Ingredients: Cow dung ash, Ritha powder, empty husk
    • Benefits: 
    • This is chemical free dish washing powder
    • It totally removes oily & sticky stains from dishes
    • How to use : take 2-3 pinch powder & scrube dishesh using hand or scruber 

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Benefits of Herbal Dishwash / Cow Dung Ash

This is chemical free dish washing powder made from cow dung ash & rice empty husk. It totally removes oily, sticky stains from dish & cooking vessels. Daily use of chemical detergent powder or bar is dangerous for health & it acts like slow poison & it may causes many disease. 

Pot and dish cleaner – when used dry dung ash absorbs oil and fat, wet dung ash however act as a general cleaner
Brass polisher – dung ash when used with tamarind removes oxidation – wet ashes polishes the brass object to look anew.

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Abhijit Gatade 2019-05-09 05:45:04

Wonderful natural product